The Issue

Electric Vehicles (EV) are transforming the automotive industry. However, EV manufacturing is already outpacing charger availability. We are thousands of charging stations behind, and with today’s charger infrastructure build capabilities, that gap will  only grow.

The Challenge

19th century construction methods are being used  to build-out a charging network for 21st century electric vehicles.  EV construction projects across the US can take up to 24 months from concept to completion. These inefficiencies cause tremendous waste of time and money, and increases stress on our green spaces.

The Solution

From start to finish, GreenCore’s model is markedly different. Our proprietary “universal” infrastructure system significantly reduces overall project timeline and onsite construction time, delivering charging sites 4x faster in locations that make sense for the EV driver

The Team

 Our team has constructed hundreds of EV stalls across the United States, including some of the largest, most complicated EV stations in North America.  One site California consisted of 40 DC Fast chargers, large solar canopies and extensive energy storage systems. Our team was able to deliver our work in just over 60 days, including tying into two electrical utilities.


We believe in being good stewards of the planet, and that all people should have clean air and water.

A Better Way

Paradigm Shift

4x Faster

Optimized Design

Driver-Friendly Placement

GreenCore is redefining site delivery in EV charging.  With our development process and proprietary “universal” infrastructure system, we are paving the way for electrified roads faster than ever.

Our Installations

EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations

The Tesla and EVgo logos and charging stations are the copyright of those respective companies. Their use on this website is not intended to indicate a partnership, rather their use is editorial and intended to indicate the universality of GreenCore infrastructure technology.

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