At Issue

It’s widely known that Electric Vehicles (EV) are transforming the automotive industry worldwide.  With 25+ new electric vehicle models being released in 2020, new EV unit sales will push past 350,000 in the United States alone.  Using a DC Fast charger to car ratio of 50/1, that would require well over 7,000 new EV charging stalls to be constructed in 2020 just to keep up with current demand.  Based upon the published build schedule of the major EV Charging players, by the end of the year we will be thousands of charging stations behind, and that gap will continue to grow each year.  This will likely stifle EV Cars sales.

The Challenge

It is ridiculous to think that 19th century construction methods and techniques would be used to build-out a charging network for 21st century electric vehicles.  The current model for managing construction of EV charging stations is quite antiquated.  EV construction projects across the United States typically take 7 to 9 months from concept to completion, with some projects requiring more than 24 months to complete.

The Solution

From start to finish, GreenCore’s development model is markedly different.  GreenCore’s proprietary “universal” infrastructure system and methods reduces the overall project timeline by 50% and onsite construction time can be reduced by over 70%.   This would allow one 4-man construction crew to build 4 sites in 2 months rather than the current average of 1 site every two months.  Greencore is and will continue to revolutionize this space the same way the “Smartphone” impacted the cell phone industry.

The Team

Since 2015, our team has constructed hundreds of EV stalls across the United States, including the two largest, most complicated EV stations in North America.  These two stations are located in California and consisted of 40 DC Fast chargers, large solar canopies and extensive energy storage systems.  Additionally, our team completed our portion of the Kettleman City, California site in just over 60 days, including tying into two electrical utilities.  The site built in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico was completed in only 9 days, including utility activation.


We believe that we should all be Good Stewards of this planet, and that all people should have clean air and water.

Integrity & Honesty


Move With Intention


Own It! Whatever You Do.

In every industry an “agent of change” always emerges, if not, that industry dies.  This “agent” brings with them major changes in both technology and thinking. They fundamentally change the industry.  In the Electric Vehicle Charging industry GreenCore is that agent!  With our development process and proprietary “universal” infrastructure system, we are already revolutionizing the industry.

Our Installations

EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations

The Tesla and EVgo logos and charging stations are the copyright of those respective companies. Their use on this website is not intended to indicate a partnership, rather their use is editorial and intended to indicate the universality of GreenCore infrastructure technology.

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