Apple’s upcoming update has added a routing feature to Maps that enables EV driver to find charging stations effortlessly.

In the WWDC 2020 virtual event, Apple announced that the iOS 14 update will come with some very exciting software updates for EV users.

The biggest deterrent of people investing in an electric vehicle is range anxiety. Having to map out where the nearest charging station is located while you are planning a long road trip is already a hassle as it is, let alone the fear of not having a charger on route at all.

With this new update, the EV routing could help eliminate a lot of stress that range anxiety brings. Maps on iOS 14 will be able to show charging stations along the drivers’ route. Not only will they be able to find stations, but Maps will also be able to find stations that are compatible with the user’s EV.

Some other features of this update is the ability to track the user’s charge, elevation, and automatically add charging stations, if need be, along the designated route. Apple is also working with multiple manufacturers like BMW, Ford and many others to insure compatibility with many different users.

This small but useful step will go a long way in making EVs more normal to the general public. iOS 14 will be available this fall, and I cannot wait to see how this new update will help current EV owners as well as convince others that switching to an EV is a great investment.

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