On April 24th, 2020, Chicago passed an ordinance relating to the city’s EV readiness.

The ordinance will require new construction of residential and some commercial buildings to have parking spaces set aside for EV charging equipment to be installed, approximately 20% of the parking lot must be set aside.

This legislation being passed is a huge step in the right direction for the EV industry, and it puts Chicago ahead of the game when it comes to EV the states preparedness for the predicted furture EV growth.

Other states that are leading the way for passing legislation or are in the process of getting laws passed are; Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Colorado, Utah, and New Jersey.

Maryland proposed several bills for EV requirements. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 many of the bills have been tabled or died. However, Maryland was able to get an extension on their proposed zero emission electric vehicle infrastructure bill.

Virginia was able to get 4 bills through this year on EVs. Washington was able to pass legislation for clean car standards and clean car programs. Colorado passed legislation that allows EVs to get to consumers more easily. Utah’s legislation is on building out their EV charging station network. New Jersey has enacted legislation with clear goals and feasible means of achieving those goals.

To find out more about the legislation check out the EV legislation tracker.

As EV adoption continues to grow, and eventually become the norm, legislation like this will help move the country closer toward meeting climate goals. It’s an exciting time, and personally I am looking forward to seeing how these bills change the future for the better!

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