As far as EVs go, you would think that a longer range is better. Well, that may not always be the case.

As Tesla crosses into the threshold of a 400-mile range EV  with the new Model S, consumers need to stop and consider what the true purpose of EVs are; to move away from harmful fossil fuel and go green by switching to electric.

While of course the range on an EV is important, big batteries aren’t exactly great for the environment.

The idea of having a 600-mile range car only appeals to people that are looking to invest in an EV because they imagine that they will go on long road trips and drive for miles without needing to stop. When in reality, they probably won’t need all that range. Plus, with the ever-growing network of EV charging stations across the country range anxiety will soon be a thing of the past.

Regardless, trying to pack EVs with big batteries is not the way to go. Battery cells cost a lot as it is, so the bigger the battery the more expensive the EV itself will end up being which will push more people away from considering switching to an EV. Another thing to consider is the bigger the battery, the heavier the car and the efficiency of the car will likely go down.

Efficiency is the name of the game for EVs, squeezing every bit of energy from a battery is the way to go. When looking into an buying an EV you should think about it the same way you would when buying a gas fueled car, do you really need that big engine? If not, then why not go with something more realistic for your individual lifestyle?

Overall, as cool as it is that there is an EV that has a range of 400 miles, range is not the most important thing to consider when investing in an EV. The efficiency of the vehicle, as well as your own individual needs is what you should be looking for.

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